Heroes was introduced to v2.6.0 on 2017/03/29. The menu can be accessed inside your city.
You need Stronghold Level 10 before this feature is available.

Summoning Circle


Summoning Circle

  • There are three tiers in the Summoning Circle; Apprentice, Advanced and Master. The more powerful the Summoning Circle, the greater the chance of Summoning a higher-grade Hero!
  • There three grades of Hero; Regular (Green), Rare (Blue), and Epic (Purple). They have a maximum Prowess ratings of 3, 4, and 5 stars respectively.
  • The Master Summoning Circle can also Summon special Heroes during Summoning Events!

  • Apprentice
    • You can summon for free every 8 hours or pay 200 gold.
  • Advanced
    • You can summon free every 24 hours or pay 1000 gold.
  • Master
    • Requires Summoning Horns that you obtain through traditional loot or other common activities in game.

When you summon, you have a chance to receive a hero or hero experience scroll (100 or 500 points). Heroes can be swapped out from the Hero Council menu.

Hero Council

Council positions are unlocked at different Stronghold levels. Heroes can only be Appointed in their specialist positions, and they must be Appointed for their benefits to take effect!

You can appoint your heroes from this menu.

Hero council

  • Column 1 is unlocked at Stronghold 10 (Master Enforcer, High Constable)
  • Column 2 is unlocked at Stronghold 11 (Master of Arms, Keeper of the Seal)
  • Column 3 is unlocked at Stronghold 12 (Master of War, Master Herald)
  • Column 4 is unlocked at Stronghold 13 (Master of Strategy, High Steward)

Hero Roster

From this menu you can view all of your heroes. You can also click on a Hero to bring up a new menu to add your experience points and increase it's level for greater bonuses.

Each level will add the value of Level 1 to each subsequent level.

Let's take Sir Brunor as example:

MW green Brunor

At level 1 you receive +0.83%. So each level you'll add 0.83. So Level 2 is 0.83 x 2 = 1.66% , Level 3 is 0.83 x 3 = 2.49% and so forth.

Master Enforcer

ME purple Balin

ME purple Bedivere

ME blue Griflet

ME green Colgrevance

Master of Arms

MA purple Lamorak

MA blue Safir

MA blue Vortimer

MA green Caradoc

Master of War

MW purple Tor

MW blue Pellinore

MW green Brunor

Master of Strategy

MS purple Gawain

MS blue Isobel

MS green Maleagant

High Constable

HC purple Gareth

HC blue Pelleas

HC green Claudin

Keeper of the Seal

KS purple Elyan

KS blue Cerys

KS green Dinadin

Master Herald

MH purple Morgause

MH blue Gaheris

MH green Rhona

High Steward

HS purple Iseult

HS blue Balan

HS green Ector